How Safe Is Laser Eye Surgery

How Safe Is Laser Eye Surgery?

by | 8 Mar 2020

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear on a regular basis is “How safe is laser eye surgery?” The very short answer is that it is extremely safe. In fact, it is one of the safest surgical procedures in the world.

The actual laser eye surgery is a very short procedure, lasting no more than a few seconds. It involves using an extremely precise laser to make tiny corrections to the surface of your cornea. The end result is that you see with greater clarity and sharpness.

As with any surgical procedure, there will always be a degree of risk, but this is minimised by choosing an experienced Ophthalmic Surgeon to carry out the initial suitability examination. The General Medical Council recommends that you see the surgeon who will personally perform your surgery before you have it, but be aware that some clinics do not offer this or charge extra for it.

What are the normal risks involved in laser eye surgery?

Immediately after surgery patients can experience glare, halos and double vision. Most common at night, these symptoms usually disappear within a few days. Patients can also experience what is know as dry eye for up to six months but eye drops will ease the symptoms.

For less than 5% of patients the surgery does not go as planned and there is an undercorrection or overcorrection. This may mean you need further surgery to get to the result you wanted. Anything additional required in this type of case will be included in our costs.

Other more serious issues are very rare indeed. Our Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr John Fention has performed over 10,000 successful laser eye surgeries and he insisits on performing all examinations, both pre and post op, and all aftercare appointments. This ensures the highest level of safety because there is no chance of mis-communication with a less qualified staff member.

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