6 Ways To Avoid Foggy Glasses While Wearing A Face Mask

In Ireland face coverings have become a part of everyday life, so we thought we would share the top ways to avoid foggy glasses while wearing a face mask.

Firstly, why do glasses fog up when wearing a mask? When a cool surface is exposed to warm air, condensation forms. In this case, the cool surfaces are the lenses of your glasses, and the warm air is your breath. While wearing a mask, as you exhale, your warm breath may escape through the top of the mask, and land on the lenses of your glasses. This is what causes the condensation or fogging.

Here are our 6 tips to avoid foggy glasses :

1. Soap & Water

The most simple tip to avoid foggy lenses, is to wash your glasses with soap and water. This is used widely by medical professionals. Before putting on your face mask, wash your glasses with soapy water. You can use regular washing up liquid. Let the glasses air dry or dry them with a microfibre cloth, these typical come free when you purchase a pair of glasses.

Soap reduces inherent surface tension and leaves behind a film, that acts as a barrier and prevents fog from sticking to the lenses of the glasses. To avoid damaging your glasses, don’t use baby shampoo, toothpaste, shaving cream or soaps that are made with lotion.

2. Make Sure Your Mask Fits

An ill-fitting mask will allow exhaled air to escape and land on your glasses. A tightly fitting mask will direct air out of the bottom or sides of your mask, and away from your lenses. Your mask should be tight against your nose and cheeks, without gaps, so the hot air can not escape.

Surgical face masks have nose bridges built into them, which allows you to bend and shape the mask to fit your nose. These masks are more effective in that they help protect against airborne particles, as well as preventing air from escaping and landing on your lenses.

3. Anti-Fog Products

De-misting products are designed to prevent foggy glasses. These products often come in spray form. They disperse the fog droplets, so the lenses stay clear. You can buy these products online or find them in your local optician or pharmacy.

Make sure the product is compatible with your lenses, as some ingredients can damage any protective coating that may already be on your lenses.

Certain de-misting sprays may not work well on glasses that have anti-glare, anti-smudge or anti-fingerprint coatings.

4. Use Special Tape

You can apply a strip of tape that’s specially designed for use on the skin. Place it on the top edge of the mask to close the gap. You can buy a roll of this special tape online or at your local pharmacy. You can also place an additional piece of masking tape over the mask as well.

5. Breathe Downwards

This might seem awkward, but breathing downward can be a quick fix to stop air escaping up on to your glasses. How do you breathe downward? Hold your upper lip over your lower lip and breathe downward. This sends the hot air away from your glasses, so they won’t become foggy.

6. Say Goodbye To Glasses For Good

Laser eye surgery is obviously our prefered option! It can be a life-enhancing procedure, often providing people with more confidence and the freedom to do things they want without the hassle of wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses. See below for the top reasons for laser eye surgery.

 Top 3 Reasons For Laser Eye Surgery

These are the top three reasons we hear most at our Dublin clinic as to why people are interested in laser eye treatment.

1. Sport

The number one reason given is sport, especially contact sport and swimming. Glasses don’t mix with contact sports and contact lenses can become dislodged in the eye or cause irritation. People who wish to stay active by going to the gym, running, swimming or doing yoga also find wearing glasses very inconvenient.

2. Pure Convenience

Freedom from the ongoing maintenance needed with both glasses and contact lenses is enough for for some people. Not having the daily drudgery of putting in their contact lenses or keeping glasses clean, fog free and dry is sufficient reason. This is the second highest reason provided to us for patients wanting to avail of laser eye surgery.

3. Confidence boost

Many people experience a big confidence boost after laser eye surgery because they consider that their appearance is enhanced. While no one should be ashamed or embarrassed to wear glasses, many people give cosmetic appearance as their main reason for wanting to have laser eye surgery and feel it will improve their self-esteem.

 The Conditions We Treat With Laser Eye Surgery

Please see the guide below for the eye conditions that we can treat. Call us on 01-280 9248 for helpful advice without obligation.

Myopia up to -10 D


Myopia is commonly known as short sightedness and is estimated to affect 1.5 billion people worldwide.

Myopia is a condition of the eye where light focuses in front of, instead of on, the retina. This causes distant objects to be blurry while close objects appear normal.

Other symptoms may include headaches and eye strain.

The treatment options for myopia depends on a variety of factors including your age, your prescription and your requirements. 

Treatment options include:



Refractive Lens Exchange

Implantable Contact Lenses

Hyperopia up to +6D


Hyperopia is the technical term for long sightedness.

Hyperopia is a condition in which light is focused behind, instead of on, the retina. This results in close objects appearing blurry, while far objects may appear normal. As the condition worsens, objects at all distances may be blurry.

Other symptoms may include headaches and eye strain. 

The treatment options for myopia depends on a variety of factors including your age, your prescription and your requirements. 

Treatment options include:



Refractive Lens Exchange

Implantable Contact Lenses

Astigmatism up to 6D


Astigmatism is a type of reactive error in which the eye does not focus light evenly on the retina resulting in distorted or blurred vision at all distances.

The underlying cause is an irregular curvature of the cornea or abnormalities in the sense of the eye.

Other symptoms can include eyestrain, headaches and trouble driving at night.

The treatment options for myopia depends on a variety of factors including your age, your prescription and your requirements. 

Treatment options include:



Refractive Lens Exchange

Implantable Contact Lenses

Presbyopia up to 3D


Presbyopia is a progressively worsening ability to focus on close objects such as difficulty reading small print.

The condition is caused due to the hardening of the lens of the eye, causing the eye to focus light behind rather than on the retina when looking at close objects. It is common for people from the age of 45.

Other symptoms can include headaches and eyestrain.

The treatment options has to be personalised to achieve best results and options include:

Laser eye surgery with blended vision

Corneal Inlay

Refractive Lens Exchange

Implantable Contact Lenses

We Understand It's About Trust

Your eyesight is priceless and despite the many benefits of laser eye surgery you will naturally have fears and need reassurance before you consider going ahead. This is what informs our patient-centred philosophy, and why we offer everyone a complimentary eye consultation with our senior consultant.

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Our Patient-Centred Philosophy:


A patient who is fully informed is a relaxed, responsive patient, which is why we listen to you and take the time to answer your questions.


Only a qualified surgeon should determine suitability and advise patients on treatment. This is why you will never speak with under-qualified or inexperienced staff at our clinic.


Ophthalmic surgery is a medical service and should be offered to the public in an ethical manner. This is why our pricing is transparent and everything is included.  We don’t charge extra for higher prescriptions or essential aftercare.



During your video/phone consultation you can ask our sugeon any questions about suitability, outcomes, or discuss any fears you have about laser eye surgery.

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