Laser Eye Surgery Cost In Ireland

Article Contents:

1. What we charge

2. How to compare prices

3. Tax refunds and private health insurance

4. Waverfront & aftercare explained

5. Comparison of clinic prices in Ireland

Laser eye surgery cost in Ireland can vary a great deal depending on the clinic you choose and how they price their services. For example, some clinics advertise a price as low as €795 but then you find out this is a “per eye” price and does not include a host of extras adding thousands to the price.

For this reason we offer all-inclusive transparent pricing with no hidden extras. (Please also ask us about our financing options.)

See our helpful guide to comparing prices below, which includes a cost comparison of laser eye clinics in Ireland. We hope this will help you to figure out the best laser eye surgery clinic for your needs.


What We Charge

We offer personalised laser eye surgery to world-class standards, with fixed, all inclusive transparent pricing. Here are costs for all the stages of the patient journey, from research through to aftercare. Prices include use of Wavefront technology and all aftercare. Call us for more information on 01-280 9248

1. Initial Consultation

We offer a complimentary video or phone consultation with the surgeon who will carry our your procedure. He will explain what is involved at every stage and you can ask any questions you have about laser eye surgery. This is unique in our industry.

2. Suitabiliy Assessment

There is a refundable charge of €100 for this comprehensive consultation which then comes off the cost of your surgery. In the event you are not suitable for treatment it is also fully refundable. This is carried out by our senior ophthalmic surgeon.

3. Laser Eye Surgery

We charge a standard all-inclusive price of €3,400 for both eyes and this includes the highest grade treatment (including Wavefront) and all required aftercare. After a tax rebate and private health insurance this can be reduced by €1,100 or more.

How To Compare Prices

Prices advertised often look too good to be true. It is important to check what procedure is on offer, what is and isn’t included, and to keep asking questions until you arrive at a total cost. You need to take responsibility to establish the best laser eye surgery clinic for your needs. According To Which? Magazine some clinics pressure patients with a hard sell or try to “upsell” and charge for extra items that should be included in the standard price.


Are you being charged more for higher prescriptions?

You should not be charged a higher rate for different prescriptions as there is no appreciable cost difference to treat one prescription versus another.

The time taken to complete laser eye surgery can vary by a few minutes from patient to patient. However, when you visit your GP or any medical consultant they don’t charge you extra if it takes a little more of their time so why should this be any different? 


Is Wavefront measurement technology included?

Wavefront is a measurement technology that can improve your treatment. We believe it should be included in the standard cost. Unfortunately some unethical clinics see it as a way to charge more.

Wavefront can improve results, including clarity of vision, ability to see at night, and ability to see contrasting colours. It also reduces side effects associated with traditional laser eye surgery.


Who will perform your suitability assessment?

The General Medical Council recommends that you see the surgeon who will personally perform your surgery before you have it. If your assessment is carried out by a more junior ophthalmologist then on the day of the surgery the surgeon may recommend a different treatment and you will be under pressure to say yes to it, even though you were only told minutes before you are due to have the surgery.


Do you really need lens implants?

Please also note that some clinics will recommend lens implants because the cost for these is potentially double that of laser eye surgery. However, these are only truly needed in around 1% of cases. For the rest it is far better to have your cornea naturally curved to improve vision than to have a foreign object placed on your eye which has the potential to be rejected by the body. (Talk to us about this to find out more.)

tax back on laser eye surgery

Tax Refund

Because the whole procedure is provided by a senior surgical consultant most people will qualify for an immediate tax refund of €680 from Revenue. This is 20% of the total cost. We will provide you with the correct paperwork and explain how you can claim it back.

laser eye surgery and private health insurance

Private Health Insurance

The surgery itself is considered cosmetic and therefore it is not covered by health insurers. However, some of the consultant appointments involved, for example, aftercare will be covered by private health insurers like VHI, Laya and Aviva. Depending on your level of cover this could be another €400 towards the total cost.

Financing Options

We offer a number of financing options over 6 or 12 months. Please enquire by phone on (01) 280 9248

Wavefront Explained

Wavefront is a measurement technology that can improve your treatment.

Wavefront allows your surgeon to measure aberrations in your cornea’s shape and texture. He can then customise the lasers to treat these.

This will improve results, including clarity of vision, ability to see at night, and ability to see contrasting colours. It also reduces side effects associated with traditional laser eye surgery.

You should always make sure that Wavefront technology is being offered and included in the price of laser eye surgery.

Comparison Pricing Table by Clinic For Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Ireland

We engaged in an independent journalist to research the cost of Laser Eye Surgery in Ireland. Here is a summary table comparing like with like which was valid on 23rd July 2020.. For a more in depth look at the research please see the full comparison article. 

Clinic Name: Mater Private Blackrock Clinic Butterfly Vision Wellington Clinic Optilase Optical Express
Cost of Laser Eye Surgery (both eyes) with aftercare €3,870 to €7,300 range quoted €3,590 or €5,400 range quoted €3,400 Fixed Inclusive Cost €5,000 €3,790 €2,390 to €6,390 range quoted with lots of non specific extras
Hardsell or Not? Hard to get through to discuss it but no hard sell. Long waiting list at moment. Very long waiting list currently. Three months wait for the assessment due to Covid-19 backlog. No hard sell. Spoke directly to the consultant surgeon in a video appointment  after booking in for this with reception. Really excellent. Hard to get through to discuss it but no hard sell Spoke with clinic manager. No hard sell. Very polite and informative Not a hard sell but spoke to a call centre in UK. Wasn’t very informative.
Free phone or video consultation with an ophthalmic surgeon? No No Yes No No No
Cost of suitability assessment (usually takes at least one hour) €180 non refundable €125 non refundable €100 refundable if not suitable or if you go ahead with laser eye surgery €150 non refundable Free of charge Free of charge
Does a consultant ophthalmic surgeon carry out the suitability assessment? Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Do you see your ophthalmic surgeon before the day of your surgery? Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Is There a higher charge for a higher prescription? No No No No Yes Yes
Is Wavefront Technology Included? Yes Yes Yes Yes No (I had to ask and quoted extra €500) Extra charged
Aftercare included 4 checkups and €120 each thereafter One checkup or more if you want them 6 checkups but more if needed with no charge in first 2 years Included for first year but pay after that Included until discharged Couldn’t get a straight answer to this question
Guarantee i.e. if you need further laser eye surgery No Yes within first year 10 Years Only if you come for paid checkups every year Lifetime but with conditions Couldn’t get a straight answer to this question

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