Using Our Video Consultation System

Our video functionality uses WebRTC technology that is built into modern web browsers. This is a framework that allows browsers to securely send and receive live data to each other without the need for an app like Zoom. It is a known as a peer-to-peer connection and is encrypted end-to-end.

You simply click on the link we have provided and you should immediately connect with our consultant eye surgeon.

The main things you need to know are:

  • If you are using an iPhone or iPad then you will have to use the native Safari browser as Apple doesn’t let other browsers use the camera and microphone.
  • You should ensure your browser is up to date. This is for your own security and not just for using our video facility.
  • Microsoft Explorer is not supported and if you are using Microsoft Edge it will need to be version 80.x or higher.

If you need help then please call our support team on 01-280 9248

The video system creates a secure video ‘room’ for each client, along with a special key to access the room.

When you and our Senior Ophthalmic Surgeon both enter the room, both your browsers are introduced. This introduction enables both browsers to identify and agree on how to best talk to each other. This happens automatically and usually in less than a second. The two browsers then develop a secure, encrypted, and direct connection with each other, which allows for video, audio and other data to be sent back and forth, i.e. your video call begins.

As the call data is being exchanged between you and your patient’s browsers, data is not being streamed via any other media streaming services that could decrypt the data. This not only helps ensure optimal call quality, but ensures that the content of your video call remains secure and confidential.

Last Updated: 30th April 2020