The importance of laser eye surgery aftercare and recovery

Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare And Recovery

by | 21 May 2020

We believe that laser eye surgery aftercare and recovery following your surgery is just as important as the procedure itself and is all included in our pricing.

Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare

To ensure you get the best results you will be given a tailored aftercare plan and your surgeon will be available at any time if you have any issues.

Generally you will have six or seven consultations after your laser eye surgery. The first will be the day after, the next a week later, then a month later, three months after that and finally after another six months. This may vary depending on your treatment and the results of the surgery.

It is very important that you attend your aftercare appointments as recommended by your surgeon. All necessary aftercare is included in our pricing until you are officially discharged.

If, during an aftercare visit, it is deemed that a retreatment is necessary in order to improve your visual results, we will provide this for you with no additional charge. Retreatment is required for around one in twenty patients and is normal for even the very best laser eye surgery clinics.

Laser Eye Surgery Recovery

After laser eye surgery you will experience some blurriness and discomfort for a few hours at least. The level of discomfort varies between patients. Your sight will clear up and continue to improve over the first few days and weeks.

While your vision quickly improves, the discomfort in your eyes could continue for a day or two but this will be eased by the use of eye drops as prescribed by your surgeon. If deemed necessary by your sugeon the wearing of eye shields when sleeping and wearing sunglasses when you’re outside can also speed recovery and lessen discomfort.

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