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When Was Laser Eye Surgery Invented?

by | 21 Nov 2020

We are often asked “When was laser eye surgery invented, and who invented it?” This is an interesting question because the history may be older than you think as it dates back to the 1800s.

While laser eye surgery is a modern procedure, it started out as a procedure called radial keratotomy, which is a refractive surgical procedure to correct myopia and other vision issues.

History of Refractive Surgery

In 1896, a Dutch ophthalmology professor published a paper on the possibility of correcting corneal curvature and astigmatism by precise cuts to the cornea.

In 1930, a Japanese ophthalmologist performed refractive surgery on soldiers, by making incisions to the cornea that corrected their vision.

In 1973, a Columbian ophthalmologist developed ‘keratomileusis’. This technique involved reshaping the cornea, by removing a layer of the cornea, freezing it and reshaping it before implanting it. It could correct hypermetropia and myopia.

A Russian doctor named Dr. Svyatoslav Fydoroy, developed radial keratotomy in the 1970s. This procedure was designed to flatten the cornea by make cuts that follow a radial pattern. He developed the technique when one of his students suffered corneal abrasion from a broken eye glass. The damage to his eye was not severe, and a sliver of his cornea was shaved off. The student noticed vast improvement in his vision, as he had unknowingly reduced his myopia. He performed extensive research and developed precise formulations of refractive surgery. These formulations are still used in laser processes today.

When Did Laser Eye Surgery Start?

Eye surgery to correct vision began with surgeons using scalpels to make the incisions. Since then, this process has developed and the scalpels have been replaced with lasers, resulting in the laser eye surgery we have today.

In the 1980s, Rangaswamy Srinivasan discovered that an ultraviolet excimer laser could be used to make precise cuts to organic tissue, without damaging the surrounding tissue. This observation paved the way for lasers being used in delicate procedures such as laser eye surgeries.

In 1983 Srinivasan performed the first eye surgery using a laser to correct vision.

So, When Was Laser Eye Surgery Invented?

As we have seen the origin of eye surgery that involved correcting corneal curvature by reshaping the cornea, dates back to the 1800s and the very first eye surgery using a laser was performed in 1983.

Over 15 Years of Research

There is now over 15 years that shows the success of laser eye surgery, and research that shows there are no adverse effects over that long period of time. The procedure has only improved and developed over the years, it has become incredibly safe, with more rigorous screening tests to see if patients are suitable for the surgery.

Suitability for laser eye surgery is determined by a number of factors. Your eye surgeon will take many factors into consideration before deciding if you are a good candidate, including your general health, your prescription, eye health, and the shape and thickness of your cornea.

We offer the best value in Ireland along with the best aftercare process that is all included in our transparent pricing.

Call us anytime to discuss any aspectof laser eye surgery including the financial side such as costs, tax relief and payment plans.

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